Our rums are produced from sugar cane harvested in Dominican Republic land. The process converts the sugar cane into a pure and fine alcohol that is then aged in American oak barrels for a perfect finish. This natural process allows us to obtain a rum with excellent quality.

It is with great pride that we offer these unique rums for the expert rum drinkers


After aging in American oak barrels, we will notice the strong wood notes similar to the wine. You will taste ripe fruits, toasted notes, honey and the sweetness of freshly cut sugar cane.

History and Tradition

Rum history dates back to when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas and brings from Spain an unknown product to the new world; sugar cane. According to the chronicles, around 1630, the English settlers start making rum in the island of Barbados and in 1651 the traveler Richard Ligonfinds this drink extremely strong. “Rumbullion” means strong spirit; as an abbreviation the English call it “Rum” and the French “Rhum”. Latins call it Ron.


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